About Us

As the pandemic spread across the world, country to country, businesses were forced to rapidly deploy cloud services at an unprecedented speed. With this rapid transition of new technology, critical infrastructure items were missed or postponed as user functionality became the top priority.

databkup saw this transition and realized that most companies were unaware of the shared responsibility model for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. These companies are responsible for maintaining their platforms, but as a user, you are responsible for your data. We began to review the options that were on the market and noticed some gaps with the competition.

Backups are the foundation of any infrastructure, but they are tedious and time consuming. Both the Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace platforms are changing daily and will occupy a significant amount of your staff’s time just staying up to date. As databkup reviewed the options on the market, the main results found were to either buy and setup an in-house backup solution or buy Software as a Service. Neither of these are ideal options for most companies.

We decided to create a new solution to manage all of this for the customer. databkup wanted to remove the remedial but critical task of backups and restores so that companies could focus on their core business objectives.

We also saw an opportunity to offer this type of service to small and medium sized businesses so that they too could benefit from enterprise level expertise at a an affordable cost with exceptional customer support.

Whether you have no IT staff, work with a Managed Service Provider or have your own internal IT staff, databkup can remove all the complexity of your critical data backups.